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The more you buy the more you save! 

All our sock prices start with a base per-pair price, we then automatically apply the following discounts based on the number of pairs in your order.


30 - 59 pairs: Base Price (or 5% if it's your first order)

60 - 119 pairs: 10% OFF

120 - 239 pairs: 15% OFF

240+ pairs: 20% OFF


Your order total can contain multiple styles, as long the production minimum (30 pairs is met for each). You can mix your sizes in any quantity.


And remember, our prices are set-and-forget. No hidden fees or add-ons, your final order price gets awesome custom socks to your door in just 4 weeks. 

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We like to reward those who stick with us. On your 5th order you'll qualify for a loyalty program which will lock in a permanent 25% flat discount on ALL your subsequent orders. Happy days!