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Once upon a time I was the president of a large basketball club (over 60 active teams). While we took pride in our appearance on and off the court there was something that always bugged me. The socks looked terrible.

I'd always admired other sports with head-to-toe coordinated kit. Such a smart look. Why couldn't we look to do the same?

As it turns out, the club HAD tried this before, and failed. Why?

The socks themselves weren't up to scratch, and did not represent the kind of socks being worn by modern players. Our athletes weren't going to sacrifice their comfort and confidence just to have the club logo on their ankles.

*Cue lightbulb moment!*💡

It was soon after this that I founded Team Feet, with the simple goal of closing the gap between socks that could be customised and socks that could perform.

Our second (and equally as important) priority remains making custom socks accessible to teams of all sizes, to support engagement in activities of all kinds, from the largest associations to the smallest teams.

Cut to 2023, and we've been able to help thousands of teams, both in and out of the sporting arena to create awesome looking socks that work as hard as they do.

We can't wait to help you do the same 😊

Tim Firman - Founder & Chief Sockbroker

Founder & Chief Sockbroker 🧦

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Sockbroker 🧦

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Sockbroker 🧦

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