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building victory, from the ground up.

The adventure that has been Team Feet began around a very simple concept: custom socks with a performance focus.

Back in 2017 I was heavily involved in both club sport and fitness and when looking for branded sports socks I was keen to find something that not only performed well, but also looked good enough that athletes would wear them proudly.

But after a pretty lengthy search, here's what I found:

  • Design options were very limited.
  • The sock quality on offer was not well suited to ahtletic use.
  • Order minimums were WAY too high.
  • Customer support and communication was TERRIBLE!

Quality custom socks seemed to be a total afterthought for many custom apparel providers. And so the idea for Team Feet was born.

While our original focus was on team sport, we quickly discovered that teams of all kinds, from all over the globe, had been feeling the same pain when it came to custom socks.

Since 2017 we've continued to refine both our bases and decoration methods, and have now helped create exciting sock experiences for thousands of teams across the world. We'd love you to be next.

Tim Firman - Founder & Chief Sockbroker