How do I apply?


We offer the same minimums, design process and support for all Team Feet customers. The only real difference is that wholesale status provides larger bulk discounts via an approved application.

To be considered for a wholesale account, simply provide sufficient evidence that: 

1. You are a legitimate trading business with an established customer base.

2. You currently have at least one active sales channel suitable for the resale of socks and other apparel. 

As a wholesale customer you'll gain access to additional customisation options available through our factory. Depending on your sock requirements higher order minimums may apply. Custom packaging can also be provided.

Great! We love supporting new sock ventures. Even if your sales have yet to start, we'll find a way to get you up and running.

No. We're pretty flexible, and we like to support businesses of all sizes. We'll only approve you for wholesale if we're confident you've got capacity to drive ongoing sales.

While we always love a good shout-out, our wholesale program is about helping others promote their own businesses.

But if you love what we're doing we'd never say no to a glowing review😊

Our standard wholesale pricing is based on a low-risk model for both parties. It allows us to be flexible when approving wholesale applications, and removes the need to pressure you to achieve minimum sales thresholds.

Having said that, we have an established loyalty program which provides additional incentives for those who show a knack for selling socks.