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Your Sockfunding Campaign Is LIVE!

Grab some awesome custom socks and help out your club in the process.

15% of all campaign proceeds will go directly back to your club.

8 pairs sold of 30

26% of Sockfunding Campaign Achieved

Grab a pair (or two) of these awesome socks to help your club reach their campaign goal of 30 pairs!

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Your sock-funding campaign page provides a convenient central location to promote and sell your custom club socks.

Your members can place their own sock order at your agreed price. Once your campaign goal is achieved (min 30 pairs) we'll ship all socks to you along with an order list for distribution.

Your campaign audience can order any quantity of socks they like in any combination of agreed sizes.

Size guide here.

When setting up your campaign we can set both an agreed per-pair price for your sale.

The standard commission for your club is 15% of all proceeds (based on RRP at 30 pairs).

You have the option of either setting a higher campaign goal or unit price to receive a larger commission.

There are no upfront fees, however to run a Sockfunding campaign you are agreeing to a minimum order of at least 30 pairs.

So if your campaign failed to achieve the campaign minimum through member purchases your club will be required to make up the difference.

Shipping is free.

All socks are batched and shipped to you, along with an order spreadsheet, for distribution to your members.

We do not ship socks directly to your members.

Absolutely! You have full control over your campaign, including:

1. Campaign duration
2. Unit price
3. Campaign goal (number of pairs)
4. Messaging

Please email presale@teamfeet.com to setup your new campaign.