We've narrowed down our custom sock range to fit the needs of most customers.

If you're new to the custom sock scene, we recommend starting with either a Crew or Mid sock, as they are our most popular base options.

All available bases can be reviewed here.

Most sock bases come with the option of either a flat or compression leg, with a standard or casual sole style. These options are primarily cosmetic and won't impact the feel or function of your sock.

Need a sock that sits outside of this range? Not a problem, just get in touch to discuss.

Our sock bases ared comprised of:

Terry Knit Cotton

Percentages will vary depending on the base and decoration method.

We use terry cotton primarily through the sole. Micropolyester, Nylon and Spandex are used throughout the sock body for optimal strength and durability.

When worn, rear measurements (heel to top seam) are as follows:

Low: 8cm / 3.14 inches

Mid: 15cm / 5.90 inches

Crew: 25cm / 9.84 inches

Knee High: 42cm / 16.5 inches

Business Crew: 25cm / 9.84 inches

Full Print: 25cm / 9.84 inches

Full details can be found on each base overview page.

Of course! While our design request form limits the choice of just one base per request, you can always request a revision to see the same design on any of our other bases.


You can submit a new design request here. You can submit as many designs as you like.

Our design team will create a realistic mockup showing both the side and front of your socks (also front and rear if needed).

In about 2 business days you'll receive an email with a link to a shared online folder that will contain all your relevant files.

We're also happy to receive design requests and additional files via email. Just send your artwork and ideas to support@teamfeet.com

In addition to your artwork, you can individually colour the body, toe and heel of your sock base.

We offer 29 standard knit colours to select from. You can view these here.

We also have access to additional knit colours outside of this range, however higher order minimums may apply.

Not a problem at all! Our design form doesn't require files to be uploaded. Simply use the request form comments section to detail the text you'd like to see.

If you want to use a specific font you'll also need to specify.

We offer our design form to make it easier for our customers to navigate the various base and decoration options available.

But of course, there's plenty more we can do with a sock. If you've got a design concept ready to go it's probably better to send it direct to support@teamfeet.com

If your design needs revising, you can request changes here. You can revise your design as many times as you need.

Alternatively you can email our support team (support@teamfeet.com) to discuss the changes you'd like to see.

You can use our design process to test out as many ideas as you like. We'll work with you to revise your sock until you're happy to place your order, but if you'd just like to test out your creative sock ideas that's also fine 😊

We'll support most design ideas you send our way, with a couple of exceptions:

Obviously we can't use any logos you don't have the rights to use.

We can convert most images into a format suitable for printing/embroidery/knitting, however if the quality is too low we'll get in touch to request something better. Where possible, try to submit the original artwork files for your logo.

We're not prudes, but we may also reject images deemed indecent or profane. Let's keep it nice people 😊

Of course! We can produce socks for anyone happy to order more than 15 pairs at a time. The team element is more of a reference to the fact that we only sell custom socks in bulk.


Great! Simply contact support@teamfeet.com to confirm the sock(s) you wish to set up for order.

We'll then create a custom order page for your socks and email you the link. If you already know your desired sizes and quantities we can pre-populate your order and send you a payment link.

Examples of existing order pages can be viewed here.

Our standard process is to leave order pages open indefinitely so that you can revisit and reorder whenever you like. If you'd like your order page to be deactivated post-sale just let us know.

We're also happy to process your order via a traditional invoice if required.

Team Feet custom socks are only sold in bulk (hence the "team" part), with minimums starting at just 15 pairs.

This means that your order must contain at least 15 pairs of socks. These can be a variety of sizes.

An order comprising multiple styles and/or designs must have at least 15 of each to meet production minimums.

We have a handy interactive pricing calculator here. You can use this to estimate your order price and also email yourself a quote.

Our pricing covers everything: Design, Setup, Production, Shipping and Import/Customs Fees.


Need wholesale pricing? Click Here

While we like to showcase the designs being created by our customers, orders of these socks will only be permitted by the orignial requestor. If you would prefer your custom sock to not feature on our site just let us know.

You can however use the socks on our website as inspiration for your own sock design.

We can provide a couple of sample pairs of your design for a flat fee. This covers the production and shipping. Please contact support@teamfeet.com to request.

By default every order will generate a pre-production sample which we will provide photos of for final approval/revisions.

Yes we do! We support a growing number of wholesale customers across various industries.

Approved wholesale accounts will receive a larger volume discount on our retail prices.

To apply for a whoelsale account please first review this page.

We offer Afterpay and ZipPay as BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) options.

All sock orders require upfront payment. We accept credit card, as well as bank transfers in multiple currencies.


Standard turnaround time is 3 - 4 weeks for custom orders. Upgrading to a rush order cuts this down to 2 - 3 weeks.

Usually shipping takes place within the final week.

Need your socks pronto? Looks like you'll need a rush order.

For a flat fee of $50 USD our factory will expedite production of your order and have your socks to you within 2 - 3 weeks.

To track your sock order through both production and delivery we provide a dedicate order lookup page here:


Each custom sock order will progress through the following stages:

1. Sampling
Your order has been submitted to the factory. A pre-production sample pair of your sock will be created, allowing you to see images of the final product.

2. Sampling - Awaiting Approval
Once your pre-production sample is ready we'll email through a series of photos for your approval. If revisions are requested your socks will be resampled. If sample images are approved your order will move to production.

3. Production
Your approved socks are now progressed to the production stage. This includes the knitting of the base and then decoration using your chosen design. Your socks will also undergo quality control checks.

4. Ready To Ship
Your socks are being sorted into pairs, packaged into clear poly bags and prepared for shipping.

5. Shipped
Your socks have departed the factory and are on their way! We'll include tracking details to allow you to track your package for the remainder of its journey.

Each pair will be packed in a clear poly bag with a size label applied to the outside. If you would prefer to have your socks packed without packaging we're happy to oblige.

Smaller orders will be shipped in one or more satchels. Larger orders will be shipped in boxes.

We use a combination of UPS, Fedex and DHL to ship our socks.


Team Feet HQ is based in Australia. All our socks are proudly manufactured in the Philippines.

We ship worldwide and offer pricing in $AUD, $USD, £GBP, $CAD, €EUR and $NZD.

In general we prefer communication via email. We also have a live chat widget on our site during specfic business hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

We offer 3 primary decoration methods: Sublimation, Embroidery, and Direct Knit.

Sublimationuses high-definition printed transfers to apply your design directly into the sock fibres via heat press. The main benefits of sublmation is that it can support any colour, and can render lines and detail with a high degree of clarity.

Embroiderystitches your design directly into the sock body, using similar material to the sock itself. Our embroidery machines can apply artwork up to about 2 inches in size with a maximum of 8 colours. Embroidery is a great option if you're just looking to apply your logo and nothing else.

Direct Knit builds your design directly into the sock body, which means you can place your design wherever you like. As your design is stitched in some clarity will be sacrificed as well as the max number of colours (6). Direct knit is best suited for simple bold designs without fine detail or small writing.

You can always request to see your design using different methods before you make your decision.