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We've narrowed down our custom sock range to fit the needs of active teams just like yours.

If you're new to the custom sock scene, we recommend starting with either a Crew or Mid sock bases, as they are our most popular options.

When it comes to sports performance, the socks you wear can have a significant impact on your overall comfort, endurance, and performance.

The proprietary blend of materials used in our socks provide several benefits to athletes, such as moisture management, durability, support, and flexibility.

Ingredients:34% Polyester, 27% Nylon, 23% Pure Cotton, 10% Rubber, 6% Spandex

Both styles are just knitting variations coded into our sock machines. Both render the sock leg in either a flatter or more ribbed style. Performance is identical, it's just a matter of preference.

Don't stress, we can apply your design to any of our bases, just let us know which ones you'd like to try.

With our direct-to-factory access we have capacity to produce all kinds of socks.

In addition to athletic socks we can also produce socks for business and promotional use.

If you need something a little different please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Of course! We can produce socks for anyone happy to order more than 24 pairs at a time.

Designing your socks

You can submit a new design request here. You can submit as many designs as you like, completely free.

Once submitted you'll receive (in 1 - 2 business days) an email with a link to a shared online folder that will contain all your relevant design files.

We're also happy to receive design requests and additional files via email. Just send your artwork and ideas to socks@teamfeet.com

We offer 18 standard colour options for you to use across the body, toe and heel of your sock.

We can also offer custom colours on request, however higher minimums will apply.

We offer Sublimation, Direct Knit, and Embroidery as our main decoration methods.

Most of our designs are achieved using sublimation, as it allows for unlimited colours and definition. Direct knit and embroidery are better suited to simple designs with fewer colours.

Learn about each method here.

Not a problem at all! Our design form doesn't require files to be uploaded. Simply use the request form comments section to detail the text you'd like to see.

If you want to use a specific font you'll also need to specify.

We offer our design form to make it easier for our customers to navigate the various base and decoration options available.

But of course, there's plenty more we can do with a sock. If you've got a design concept ready to go it's probably better to send it direct to socks@teamfeet.com

If your design needs revising, you can request changes here. You can revise your design as many times as you need.

Alternatively you can email our support team to discuss the changes you'd like to see.

Yes, we can provide colour-matching for both knitted thread and sublimation. Matching colours in sublimation requires that your artwork be submitted in vector format.

Matching specific knit colours (not held in stock) may require higher order minimums and longer lead times.



You can either use your custom order page to complete your order, or get in touch and we can set it up for you.

Our socks come in 4 unisex sizes (XS, S, ML, XL).

As socks are an elastic garment, there will be some natural overlap between sizes. 

In general we recommend M/L as the standard size for most adults, and small for teens and under.

Full size guide: click here.

Our full custom option requires an order minimum of 24 pairs.

You can mix your sizes.

We have a handy interactive pricing calculator here. You can use this to estimate your order price in your native currency.

Yes we do! We support a growing number of wholesale customers across various industries.

Approved wholesale accounts will receive a larger volume discount on our retail prices.

To apply for a whoelsale account please first review this page.

We can provide a couple of sample pairs of your design for a flat fee. This covers the production and shipping. Please contact cxsupport@teamfeet.com to request.

We produce a pre-production sample with every order, so you'll always have a chance to check the final product before full production begins.

We offer Afterpay as a Buy Now Pay Later option. To use Afterpay your order must be processed in AUD, at which point you'll be transferred to your Afterpay account and your order will be converted to your local currency.

All sock orders require upfront payment. We accept credit card, as well as bank transfers in multiple currencies.

While we like to showcase the designs being created by our customers, orders of these socks will only be permitted by the orignial requestor. If you would prefer your custom sock to not feature on our site just let us know.

You can however use the socks on our website as inspiration for your own sock design.


Once your order is finalised we submit a production file to our factory team.

The first thing they will do is schedule the production of a single pre-production sample. They will then take a series of photos showing the sock from all angles.

If we're happy with this sample we'll forward the photos to you for approval.

This will give you the opportunity to request adjustments prior to your full order being produced.

This can vary slightly depending on the amount of sampling being managed, but we expect samples to be ready within 5 days from order.

We've got plenty of options when it comes to sock production, so if your chosen design doesn't render well in pre-production we'll help you explore other decoration options.


We use a combination of DHL, Fedex and UPS depending on the destination of our packages.

No. We ship all our orders DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). This means all fees required to deliver your order to your door are invoiced back to us.

We've set up a series of email notifications that will send as your order progresses through each production milestone. You can also check your order status here.

All pairs are individually packed in clear poly bags. A sizing sticker will be applied to the outside of the bag. We can also offer Team Feet-branded cardboard inserts or custom header cards for an additional fee.


All socks undergo a shaping process during production, however we do not apply any additional pre-stretching (for obvious reasons). As all our socks are made from scratch you can expect them to be on the firmer side for the first few wears. This allows the sock to progressively relax around the specific contours of your foot.

No. All socks are developed with a neutral balanced shape. As the socks naturally shape with repeat wear you'll see them develop a unique profile if consistently worn on the same foot.