So you'd like to make your custom socks a reality? Let's do it!
Once you've recieved your sock mockup and are happy to proceed, simply confirm your intention to order (via and we'll set up a custom order page for your chosen design(s). Your order page can be used for your initial order as well as re-orders.
If you'd prefer to complete your order via traditional invoice instead of using an order page, we can also do that 😊
Our order pages are super easy to use. We load up all the designs you want to include, and by default you'll get access to all 4 sizes. Simply add the socks you need to your cart. Our order minimums are preset to 15 pairs (30 pairs for wholesale), and you can mix your sizes.
As you add socks to your cart, you'll be notified when a bulk discount kicks in. You'll have the option of adding more socks (for bigger discounts), or progressing to checkout and completing your order.
At checkout you'll be provided with a number of payment options, including Afterpay. If you need to pay via bank transfer that's absolutely fine, just ask!
Your order page can be kept and reused for additional orders in the future. Reorders will only be permitted to the original requestor. If you'd prefer for your order page to be privately listed please let us know.