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Time for some BSF'n fun!

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For our BSF promotion we've reduced prices on all our black custom sock bases by 25%.

If you've already purchased black custom socks from us previously and want to order more of the same, we'll bump that up to 30%.

We offer the following styles: Low (Ankle), Quarter, Mid, Crew, Knee High, and also custom Wristbands.

The BSF discount replaces our normal bulk discounts, so you'll get at least 25% off any volume of socks above 30 pairs.

Normally you'd have to order at least 500 pairs to get this much of a discount 😲

For all other base colours our normal pricing will apply.

We have a production minimum of 30 pairs per style. You can have any combination of sizes.

We offer 4 unisex sizes: XS, S, ML and XL

Full sizing breakdown here.

Designs:Mockups are normally produced and returned within 2 working days.

Orders: Our standard turnaround is 4 weeks, but can vary slightly depending on your location. We can offer rush orders for a flat fee.

The prices listed above cover setup, production and shipping of your custom socks.

Rush orders attract an additional flat fee if you need your socks within a shorter timeframe. Our team works well with deadlines.

Our socks combine a blend of Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Elastane and Spandex.

These fabrics are utilised in different sections of the sock to ensure optimal cushioning, ventilation and comfort.

Yes! We now offer no-obligation custom samples to allow you try your socks before you commit to a bulk order. While you'll cover the cost of producing and shipping the sample, we'll refund the production fee when you place your bulk order.

If you'd like to organise a sample simply emailour support team or live chat with them here.

Please note: If you wish to secure the Socktober discount you would still need to complete your bulk order during October.

Team Feet promotions do no apply to wholesale accounts.