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February 11, 2020 2 min read

Traditionally, custom socks were built for fun, not for performance. At Team Feet we pride ourselves on offering the first custom sock to allow your team to make a visual statement without having to sacrifice comfort and confidence when things get a little more active.


Our printed (sublimated) socks are made up of two major components: 


1. The Base (the performance bit) 

2. The Sublimation Panel (the funky bit)



The sublimation panel is where we apply your design. For our Premium, Classic and Business range this is a rectangular area that can support unlimited colours. It starts off as a white area (like a blank sheet of paper), and sits around the upper section of the sock (or in the case of our Low and Quarter length socks, on top of the foot).

Your design is then transferred (i.e. pressed) directly onto the panel, ensuring detail is preserved and no colour-bleed occurs. The sub panel integrates directly into the sock base, and maintains the same degree of flexibilty as the surrounding base. Even with your design applied, your sock still feels like a sock.


The remainder of the sock is called what we refer to as the "base". The need to preserve the performance of this area means we're unable to allow customisation, other than having

 your design knitted directly into the base (we offer sublimation or knitting as a design method, but not both).

What we do offer is 16 different preset base colours that can complement your design. By default we add in stripes to help differentiate the sub panel from the base (but these aren't compulsory).

The exception to the rules above is our Premium Full Sub sock, which allows for print across the entire sock body and is teamed with either a black or white sock base.

MAtching your design to the sock base

For the most part, our design team will do the heavy-lifting with regards to colour-matching, but if you're looking to sketch out ideas for your next sock design (or you're working with a graphic designer), the following table will help you match your design colours to our bases. 

there's no such thing as a bad sock design 😊

Sometimes, that awesome design idea you had in your head just doesn't translate well to your preferred sock, which is why we encourage our customers to make use of our free design process. All too often that perfect custom sock is just one revision away.....